Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication, Pune

Director : Anupam Siddhartha

Anupam Siddhartha holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English with a specialization in Linguistics and has studied films at the NFAI. He has eight years of experience in the print medium, three years in the electronic media and fifteen years in education, including ten years with SIMC.




Programme Offered


Established in 1990, originally as the Symbiosis Institute of Journalism & Communication (SIJC), the Institute was renamed in 1998 as the Symbiosis Centre of Mass Communication (SCMC) to broaden the realm of media training beyond Journalism, keeping in step with the present industry requirements.

The year 2007 recognized the industry's diverse evolving needs and it was finally re-christened as 'Symbiosis Centre of Media & Communication'. A massive diversification of media has led to a revolution, where we are no longer passive users, but, media creators. The face of traditional media is undergoing a makeover, wherein each and every citizen can become an active participant contributing their ideas and opinions. SIMC believes in harnessing this potential and armed with the immense power of technology, we run with our apotheosis – Convergence.

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Distance from Pune railway station : ** Kms
Distance from Pune Airport : ** Kms

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Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication, Pune
Symbiosis Vimannagar Campus,S.No.231
Vimannagar ,
Pune - 411014

Tel.: +91 020 - 26634511/12/13/14.
Fax: +91 020 - 26634515

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